Boudoir - Steven Jon Horner Photography

Livonia, Michigan

"Boudoir photography" is creating beautiful, sexy, playful images showcasing a women beauty and confidence in herself just the way she is!  Boudoir is not just "bedroom" photography, although is most certainly can be, it is creating sexy, playful, and fun photography anywhere! In ones home, a hotel, even an abandoned building... It can be sweet and shy, or a bit exhibitionistic. I love helping women see the beauty we see in them everyday, even if they do not see it themselves! We will collaborate on the shoot, I  want to hear your idea's and thoughts, what you are looking for in our shoot, what look and feel you like. I am not afraid to try things that may be different or unusual. We will incorporate these idea's and thoughts into your shoot to create a personal and unique experience just for you!

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