Livonia, Michigan

Frequently Asked Questions

I have just started this page, and will add to it as frequent questions are asked to better answer your questions or concerns.  If this area does not answer your question, feel free ask me and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

Is my Boudoir / Fine Art session private?

Yes!  with the exception of the thumb nail image in your gallery, however, I am more then happy to place my logo image as the thumbnail to your gallery keeping ALL your images out of public view.  (all images used in the portfolio and other area's of the website and facebook page are used with permission from the clients)

I would love to do a Boudoir shoot, but I am afraid my images will get out and I could lose my job.

I know many out there work in very sensitive area's, such as schools, coaching, civil service and so on.  We password protect your download gallery so only you have access to your images.  However, as we all know, the internet is not always the "safest" place to store sensitive information.  If you fall into this category, or just really do prefer not having your images on the internet at all, even if it is just your download gallery, I completely understand!  Images can be placed on a memory stick for a small additional fee, to be picked up at the studio when ready.

We also have in-house printing available for select products so your images never leave our control and make it out Into the wild.  The only people having access to the images and prints are the ones you choose to share with!

If I am unable to make my session, can I get a refund?

No.  Your session fee is NON-REFUNDABLE!   Just the same as you book an AirBnB, plane or theater ticket for example.  Your session fee is reserving your date and time for you, and prep work may be done days or weeks in advance of your shoot, along with turning away other clients who may have wish to schedule that time and where turned away.  

Do I have to shoot at your studio?

Location shoots are more then welcome, if your within a 25 mile radius from Livonia Mi, there are no additional fees!  Shooting at your home, or a location that is special to you (permission provided) is a great idea and can add a personal touch.  You will be responsible for location fee's such as entrance fee's or Hotel room costs etc.

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