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Unlike most photographers my age (I am currently in my Mid 50’s), I did not start out with film photography. Not professionally anyway, yes, I did have film camera’s just like most, and would shoot family events and have it developed. My real love for photography started when the digital camera’s came out. I spent WAY to much on one of the first models to hit the market. The photo’s were very small, and to be honest, not very good, but I loved it, and continued to purchase improved digital cameras as they came out. Until I Finally decided to upgrade to a professional level DSLR. Over they years, I have shot many genre of photography, including Still Life, Landscape, Architecture, Portraiture, Model, Pinup, Boudoir and Fine Art. Over time I learned I loved to photograph people the most, and then realized it is Boudoir, Pinup, and Fine Art that I love most of all. And that lead to where I am today!

I am based in Detroit Michigan, where I shoot both in my studio, and on location.  As a Boudoir / Fine Art photographer, and being married (for 30+ years now), one thing I notice is that women can forget how beautiful they really are.  And it is not just women in long marriages, it’s young women, women who just because of a few pounds, or maybe having a baby, no longer feel attractive or sexy. They do not see the beauty we see in them everyday.  Boudoir / Fine Art photography lets me show you how beautiful you are, today, here and now!  Yes, we all want to loose weight or get in better shape, I get it, but that don't mean you not attractive now!  Celebrate who you are now! Who knows, this may be the best you ever look. If you do loose some weight or tone up, whatever it is that your waiting for, then celebrate that when it happens, but don't wait for it. Be proud and celebrate who you are now, you are beautiful just the way you are, let me show you the beauty we all see in  you!

Shooting Boudoir and Artistic Nude photography is my passion, it is within these genre I am able to show each client how beautiful she is, "just the way she is", although she may not see it herself. And in doing so, helping her to gain confidence in herself. I would love to work with you to create something beautiful for you to enjoy for years to come.  Our sessions are always relaxed and comfortable.  Let me worry about the posing and arrangements, you just arrive ready to have a good time and leave the worries to us!


OH, and by the way, when you squat down to "pretend" to sit on a cactus, and you go a little "too low", it is no longer pretending!  ;)

In addition to shooting boudoir and Fine art client sessions, I also.....

Scandalous Magazine is a Steven Jon Horner Publication. It features it features, but not limited to, Glamour, Fine Art, and Conceptual nude photography. Not only do I shoot the photography featured in the magazine, I also create, produce and edit the magazine from cover to cover! I do from time to time accept submissions to the publication, giving credit to both the model and photographer. Scandalous, currently is a quarterly publication and is purchased and delivered through Magcloud print on demand service.

In addition to producing my own publication, I am also an official photographer for two other publications. Modern Model Magazine,  featuring  both up and coming models of all ages and experience levels. And Delicious Dolls Magazine, featuring many forms of Pinup, including, but not limited to: Retro, Classic, Modern and Rockabilly.

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