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2017 AIBP member-gold-2

Detroit, Michigan

Considering a boudoir and/or fine art nude session can be very intimidating.  Unlike other genre, boudoir and nude photography is deeply personal and intimate.  I will do everything I can to answer your questions and address your concerns so you can be confident and know what to expect, no surprises.  This does not mean we can not be flexible during the shoot and alter the session to meet your needs or try new things.

We will discuss wardrobe, your ideas and expectations for the session so you know what to expect. I will also send you some tips on things to do before your session so you can look and feel your best.

I will provide pose coaching and have sample cards so you can visualize what we are doing as we go, so there is no need to be concerned with not knowing how to pose, or what looks good.

Together will  create a unique and personal shoot experience just for you!


Reservation (session) Fee:  $125

Reservation (session) fee : To book your Session we require up front a $125 non refundable reservation fee.

This fee covers the pre-session consultation, reserving your hair and makeup stylist, session time, light editing, and administrative costs to plan your session.

Product Pricing ranges from $99 to $995

For detailed information and pricing, click the link below and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as send you my pricing guide.

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